Owen Nursing Bib - Choo Choo Toot Toot
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The Owen Nursing Bib is a special nursing bib, which provides mothers maximum privacy possible. The dimensions of this bib are 68 cm x 80 cm.


This bib is made of 100 percent cotton fabric. This makes it comfortable and as lightweight as possible. You can wash it on your own, or else it can also be machine washed in cold water. It is better to tumble dry this product, if you want to maintain its quality.


There are two pockets on the front. You can keep some handy essentials in these two pockets. For example, you can keep a small and light towel, tissues and wipes in these pockets. You can also put in your mobile phone in one of these pockets.


This bib can be closed with the help of a simple snap button. It also has a mesh, which allows ventilation and provides a clear view. 

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